​DMBrown BIO

Shortened Version.

I am an Artist and I have a absolute love for visual creativity. The idea of recreating the physical on a piece of paper, canvas, gallery space, wall mural or in the virtual has always driven me as well as creating/designing that which has not yet been thought of. I love different medias such as pencil, charcoal, acrylics and oils and even vectors.

Creating and reproducing life has alway been a part of my life. Art has been with me since I was three years old. A pencil, crayon or marker could always be found in my hand. It wasn't until I was twenty one that I thought of creating art and design on the computer. I figured that the twenty-first century was coming and art was following it. Eventually I received my Bachelor in Fine Arts from East Tennessee State University. That was when I had my first art show in Slocumb Galleries. That show was in 2009 and  was named "RESPONSE." 


I love doing drawings; especially portraits and the figure. One can see similarities in faces and start grouping people together but I love faces that cannot be grouped with others. Distinct faces attract me especially wrinked ones. Faces that have endured and lived life.


​I assist different companies by designing marketing materials such as logos, business cards, brochures, letterheads, and web graphics. This in turn causes my clients to be noticed by the public and increase their profit and visibility to the surrounding areas. Traditional art is in my DNA and nothing below heaven 
satisfies me as much as creating.